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Educators strike set for Thursday in Arizona

By Jim Byrne |
April 25, 2018
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Tucson, AZ - The rapid rise of the #RedForEd and the failure of the Arizona governor and legislature to fully fund public schools will result in a state-wide walk out, Thursday, April 26. Educators have been frustrated with some of the lowest pay and lowest per-pupil funding in the country.

Their opponent is the poster boy for the conservative right’s pro-corporate economic policies. Governor Doug Ducey regularly receives donations from the infamous Koch brothers and his Deputy Chief of Policy and Budget is the president and CEO of the ultra-conservative think tank, the Goldwater Institute.

Last spring, Ducey rammed through legislation that allows for public funds for vouchers to private schools and are a weapon in the war on public education. He then traveled up to Colorado and told a conference that his success with vouchers would not have been possible without the support of the American Legislative Exchange Council, the notorious ALEC. It is clear this local fight has national implications for not only public education but also the labor movement’s fight against corporate domination.

The movement of educators has received support from AFSCME in Tucson, which covers the bus drivers, who unanimously voted in favor of the walk out as well. The state AFL-CIO affiliate has also offered transportation support for people to the capitol.