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United Action Oshkosh hosts first sanctuary city workshop for Oshkosh community

By Lindsey Spietz |
April 22, 2018
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Oshkosh, WI - On April 21, United Action Oshkosh (UAO) held its first workshop for the community on its campaign to push for Oshkosh to become a sanctuary city.

At the Oshkosh Public Library, UAO and others from the community gathered to hear and discuss information about sanctuary cities. The presentation addressed myths and facts about sanctuary cities, benefits to the community, the reasons behind undocumented immigration, and the efforts in the campaign by United Action Oshkosh.

Discussion between attendees took place on many different topics, including local immigrant issues. Two of the attendees were members of the Chicano community, who spoke about their experience. They shared their own struggles with filing and paying taxes without receiving any benefits as well as the exploitative hiring and labor practices of restaurants, hospitals and staffing agencies they have witnessed in Oshkosh and the surrounding area.

“It was excellent to hear from members of the community familiar with and affected by U.S. immigration policy,” UAO member Alvin Jarvenpaa, Jr. said after the discussion. “It’s inspiring to know people can overcome hardships and gives hope that if given a fair opportunity they can do amazing things. It emphasizes why a sanctuary city is something worth fighting for.”

With the success of their first sanctuary city workshop, UAO plans to hold monthly workshops, continuing to invite the community to learn of the resolution proposal. United Action Oshkosh also intends to celebrate May Day next month, which is set to highlight the current strikes across the nation by teachers as well as to show solidarity for workers worldwide.