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Countdown to Super Bowl protest against police brutality, racism and corporate greed

By staff |
February 3, 2018
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Minneapolis, MN - On Feb. 4, Minneapolis will host a protest against racist police brutality and the sell-out of the city to greedy NFL owners and corporate sponsors. The demonstration, organized by the Super Bowl Anti-Racist Anti-Corporation Coalition (SAAC), will bring together more than 20 local community organizations, for a rally will start at Peavey Park (Franklin & Chicago Ave), at 3 p.m., to be followed by a march to U.S. Bank Stadium.

After a ceremony by the Kalpulli KetzalCoatlicue danzantes, a brief rally with speakers and chanting will be followed by a march. Behind those marching on foot, many protesters will take to warm cars and tailgate to the stadium, where there will be a few speakers, and protesters will ‘take a knee’ under the slogans: “Justice for stolen lives, jail killer cops! End police violence! Economic justice for all, stop the attacks on workers! End the exploitation! Invest in people, not in corporations! Stop building playgrounds for billionaires! No racist USA, take a knee and fight-back! End racist oppression!”

Sunday’s SAAC march to US Bank Stadium is the culmination of a week-long fight to stand up the racist oppression and corporate greed represented by Super Bowl 52.

“Super Bowl 52 is a disaster for the people who live here,” says Loretta VanPelt, of the Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar (TCC4J). “This is the largest police force ever deployed in Minnesota, and the largest for any Super Bowl ever. None of this makes us safer. Community members from Black, brown and indigenous communities, from immigrant communities, we are much less safe! Millions are being thrown at so-called security measures, displacing homeless people from streets, shelters and even downtown hotels; our public transit has been turned over for exclusive use of Super Bowl ticket holders.”

When asked about claims that the Super Bowl will be good for the local economy, VanPelt responded, “The Host Committee estimates all this will bring in less than $30 million in tax revenue, but Minneapolis paid $150 million for the stadium they’re playing in, and the state contributed $348 million. Regular poor and working people are taking a big loss. But we’re not taking it lying down. We are fighting back.”

The Super Bowl Anti-Racist & Anti-Corporate Coalition (SAAC) includes over 20 participating organizations fighting against police brutality, defending immigrant’s rights, indigenous rights, women rights, labor unions and students. These include: AFSCME 2822; AFSCME 3800; American Indian Movement; Anti-War Committee; Asamblea de Derechos Civiles; Black Lives Matter - MN; Black Lives Matter - Twin Cities; Black Saint Paul; Blue Lies Matter; Communities United Against Police Brutality; Filipinx for Immigrant rights and Racial justice in Minnesota; Freedom Road Socialist Organization - Twin Cities; Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee; MN Neighbors for Justice; Women's March Minnesota; Native Lives Matter; The New North; Rise Up Times; Students for a Democratic Society at the UMN; Showing Up for Racial Justice MN; Take A Knee Nation; Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar; Welfare Rights Committee; and Women Against Military Madness