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Border wall funding protest set for Senator Klobuchar's office

By staff |
December 19, 2018
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Minneapolis, MN - With national attention focused on the recent death of a seven-year-old girl in Customs and Border Control custody, Senator Amy Klobuchar, a potential candidate for president in 2020, has suggested that she is willing to negotiate a deal with Trump to provide funds for a border wall. Minnesotans, immigrants and allies, will rally against any deal for funding a border wall at Senator Klobuchar's office (1200 Washington Avenue S, Minneapolis) on Thursday, December 20, at 5 p.m.

Building on a successful rally at the Federal Building and march through downtown Minneapolis on November 30, and a well-attended educational forum on December 16, organizers are planning on a strong turnout to send a strong message to Senator Klobuchar: Minnesotans believe that a border wall is a cruel, unnecessary waste of money. Protesters will demand that asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants be welcomed, not face imprisonment and death at the U.S. border.

"Klobuchar insists that border funding ‘isn’t just the wall.’ Actually, she’s right! It isn’t just the wall. It’s also funding for ICE’s brutality, funding for keeping migrant children in detention until they die, and funding for militarizing our border in response to a humanitarian crisis our government caused," according to CJ McCormick, a member of the Anti-War Committee. "Klobuchar thinks portraying herself as open to compromise is her best bet for the presidency. Let’s tell Klobuchar that a deal with Trump is a deal that destroys families. A deal with ICE is a deal that ends lives! A deal for the wall is harmful to us all!"

William Martinez, a Salvadoran activist from MIRAc (MN Immigrant Rights Action Committee) concurs. "The struggle for immigrant rights cannot be fought without a clear understanding of the roots of migration. U.S. war and economic policy destroys lives and homes around the world. Within our borders, immigrants have the right to demand equality from the U.S. government. We stand with our migrant sisters and brothers reaching the border and with our immigrant sisters and brothers already here in the U.S. to say: No wall! Legalization for all!"