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Minnesotans to rally in support of migrant caravan

By staff |
November 24, 2018
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Minneapolis, MN - As national attention has focused on the caravan of Central American refugees winding its way through Mexico towards the U.S.-Mexico border, immigrants and their allies in Minnesota will rally in support of the caravan on Friday, November 30.

Organizers are planning for a robust turnout in solidarity with the caravan. The rally will start at 5:15 p.m. in front of the Minneapolis Federal Building at 4th Street and 4th Avenue. Afterwards, organizers will lead a march towards Wells Fargo to highlight the complicity of the banking industry in supporting for-profit detention centers across the U.S.

The statement issued by protest organizers says, “U.S. foreign policy created many of the economic and political crises that our brothers and sisters from Honduras and Central America are desperate to escape and now fleeing from. Migration has been taking place throughout human history, and the migrants now coming to the United States are seeking a better life for their families. We reject Trump’s vilification of immigrants as dangerous rapists and murderers. We want all migrants to know that we welcome them with open arms to our community. We call on Minnesotans to say ‘Refugees are welcome here! No troops at the border! No human being is illegal!’”

The rally was initiated by the MN Immigrant Rights Action Committee and a new coalition, Minnesota Caravan Solidarity. Over a dozen local organizations, now including Anti-War Committee, Asamblea de Derechos Civiles, COPAL MN, Haiti Justice Committee of Minnesota, Immigrant Movement for Justice, Minnesota Cuba Committee, Minnesota Hands Off Honduras, Minnesota Peace Action, Morena Minnesota, Puerto Ricans in Minnesota Committee, Women Against Military Madness, and Women’s March Minnesota.

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