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Tampa students say: “Bash Trump’s Racism and Austerity”

By staff |
January 26, 2018
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Tampa, FL - Over 30 people gathered near Cooper Hall at the University of South Florida, Jan. 23, for a Donald Trump piñata bash. The event was put on by Tampa Students for a Democratic Society as a show of resistance one year after the inauguration of Donald Trump. Uniting under the slogan “Bash Trump’s racism and austerity,” attendance largely consisted of USF students but also included members of the Tampa community.

USF administrators as well as right-wing Christian preachers attempted to derail the protest, further uniting the protesters who chanted anti-Trump slogans such as “Donald Trump shame on you, immigrants are welcome here” and “No ban, no wall, sanctuary for all.” Several protesters gave fiery speeches.

Tampa SDS member Gage Lacharite said, “It’s time for an organized resistance to Trump. This means uniting with other like-minded people to fight back against Trump and his Republican cronies on every street, government building, and campus we can.” He noted, “the Democrats’ cave-in on the government shutdown proves they’re a dead end if we’re serious about beating Trump.”

After speeches, protesters eagerly took turns destroying the piñata. Students were excited for the new semester where they will take the resistance against Trump to a new level.