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Minnesota Fight Back! fundraiser nets $2600

By staff |
January 24, 2018
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Fight Back! editor Mick Kelly
Fight Back! editor Mick Kelly (Fight Back! News/staff)

Minneapolis, MN – About 100 supporters of Fight Back! attended a very successful fundraising party, Jan. 20, that netted more than $2600 for the newspaper that "builds the people’s struggle.” Leaders of unions, groups opposing police terror, student, anti-war and immigrant rights organizations gave short toasts praising the paper's accomplishments.

Fight Back! editor Mick Kelly told the crowd, “Capitalism is a system serves the oppressor, where the enemy has a boot on our necks. We aim to demolish that system and our revolutionary press, Fight Back!, has a role to play in that effort. Every contribution you make and every article you write, helps to build a movement for real change, and helps to build the collective organization, and struggle, that will sweep the monopoly capitalists from power.”