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Communist Party of Venezuela continues forward with the victorious candidacy of Victor Castillo in Apure State

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September 24, 2017
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Fight Back News service is circulating the following Sept. 19 article from Tribuna Popular, a publication of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV). The article was translated by the staff of Fight Back!

Carlos Aquino, member of the National Directorate of the Partido Comunista de Venezuela (PCV), assured that the communist camp maintains their commitment with the candidacy of Victor “Vitico” Castillo for governor of Apure State, as a demonstration that it is possible to build a regional government that is genuinely popular. Similarly, the party of the Red Rooster (the PCV) ratified to maintain their support to the other 22 candidates, in perfect alliance with the United Venezuela Socialist Party (PSUV) and the other political organizations in the Bolivarian process.

Aquino, director of the Popular Tribune newspaper, indicated that the agreed slogan by the National Directorate is “Together for the Country, to Resist and Advance,” and the call to working people to exercise a critical, and consequently a revolutionary posture reads across the banner of the PCV.

The first criteria defined by the PCV for these elections have been “look to be a part of a containment wall for those sectors that are clearly identified with the right so that they cannot occupy the spaces of regional government.” With that, the phrase “Together for the Country” defines that necessity to build electoral agreements, though with the differences that the PCV has expressed at different moments about a variety of candidates.

In the case of the state of Apure, the PCV assured that the decision to support the singer and agricultural producer Victor Castillo for governor of Apure is indeclinable, and he is not a ‘symbolic’ candidate for the purposes of “setting a position and marking a difference, he is a candidate for combat and revolutionary victory, to show how these candidates can really do things, with participation, with popular guidance, with openness, not with just speeches lacking real, concrete practices.”

The press conference held by Victor Castillo, who voiced his appreciation of the support from the PCV for his candidacy, later identified coinciding criteria and political assessments about the situation in Apure State, that what is missing is a timely response aimed at the populations and working people.

Finally, Aquino stated that the PCV finds itself ready to begin an electoral campaign beginning the Sept. 23 to engage the regional elections following the dates announced by the National Electoral Council.