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Gas crisis hits Dallas, set to spread

By staff |
August 31, 2017
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Dallas, TX - As of Thursday evening, August 31, most gas stations in the greater Dallas area are out of gasoline. Those that still have fuel are charging as much as triple the usual price.

The price gouging came on the heels of panic buying sparked by reports that damage from Hurricane Harvey has put 25% of U.S. oil refining capacity out of commission. Most industry experts indicate the actual supply disruption was a relatively small part of the problem.

Although the Dallas area has a mass transit system, most people rely on cars to get from place to place, due to a limited rail network and infrequent bus service.

Meanwhile, price gouging and panic buying is reportedly also underway in Austin, Texas.

As of Thursday evening, the Gas Buddy website indicates that only about 1000 Texas gas stations out of the more than 13,000 it tracks actually had fuel.