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Denver peace rally at State Capitol

By staff |
August 24, 2017
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Protest against hatred and bigotry at Colorado Capitol building.
Protest against hatred and bigotry at Colorado Capitol building. In front on the capitol building. (Photo by Queen Phoenix)

Denver, CO - On Sunday, August 20, approximately 100 Coloradoans rallied at the State Capitol building to protest war, hate and bigotry.

Rally organizer Queen Phoenix said the event was about, “displaying to the nation that there are peaceful ways to handle and dismantle the violence that surrounds us. We showed up to prove we are the majority, and it's about time we make that evidently clear.”

Under a scorching sun, several speakers spoke on the capitol steps to condemn the violence and hatred that has become so common in Trump’s America. One of the speakers was Denver Students for a Democratic Society member Jarrid Carroll-Frey.

Carroll-Frey focused on the current escalation of war threats against north Korea by Trump saying, “We can clearly see that north Korea poses no serious threat to the U.S., and that if such a war did break out, the amount of bloodshed and needless loss of life would be astronomical.”

Carroll-Frey also denounced the white supremacist violence seen at Charlottesville, Virginia August 12, commenting, “This is Trump’s America. This is what the fascists want. They want us to cower away and allow them to take over the country, as they have done elsewhere before. But I say never again. We will never allow fascism to take over.”

Carroll-Frey then led the crowd in chanting, “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!” Carroll-Frey finished by highlighting the importance of unity in these difficult times.