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Minneapolis protest demands 'Trump out now'

By staff |
June 2, 2017
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Protest against Trump in Minneapolis
Protest against Trump in Minneapolis (Photo by Kim DeFranco)

Minneapolis, MN - About 100 people gathered at the Minneapolis federal building, June 1, to demand “Trump out now.” Organized by the Resist from Day One Coalition, speakers from the environmental, labor, student and immigrant rights movements blasted Trump’s policies.

Bill Adamski, a member of, condemned Trump for the U.S. pullout from the Paris Agreement, which is in place to curb climate change.

The Trump and Republican budget proposal, which was released last week, also came up for scorn. Welfare Rights Committee speaker Linden Gawboy said, “Trump’s plan cuts billions of dollars from the poorest of the poor, the sick and the disabled. Trump’s budget is just plain evil. Trump and his cronies are assholes. Trump must go.”

Meredith Aby, of the Twin Cities-based Anti-War Committee told the crowd, “Last weekend a white supremacist was harassing two African American women – one of whom was wearing a hijab – with racist and religious insults in Portland, Oregon and when allies challenged him he stabbed three people and two of them died. Hate crimes like these are increasing across the country as a direct result of the president’s anti-Muslim rhetoric which paints our Muslim neighbors as ‘terrorists.’ His rhetoric has also inspired actions like the national day of action against Muslims called ‘March Against Sharia’ on June 10. Racists are inspired to voice their bigotry because it is echoed back to them from the White House. We need to protest on June 10 and to continue to challenge the racist Muslim ban and other policies that attack Muslims.”