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Houston May Day for immigrant rights

By staff |
May 4, 2017
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May Day in Houston, TX.
May Day in Houston, TX. (Fight Back! News/staff)

Houston, TX - There were two May Day events in Houston, Texas. Immigrant rights groups demanding an end to deportations and to defend the rights of undocumented workers organized a noontime march and rally. With some union support, the crowd of hundreds marched to Houston City Hall and rallied on the steps.

Fight Back! newspaper was widely distributed to the crowd. One worker, Jim Fratino, said, “It’s nice to read news that provides coverage on the fight against the Trump administration from a working-class perspective. I hope to see more issues of Fight Back! news next time I attend a demonstration or protest!"

The other May Day action was held in Guadalupe Plaza in East End, a historically Chicano neighborhood. This rally was organized by Houston Socialist Movement, and brought out 150 people, mostly Chicano and left activists. There were people present from dozens of organizations with a spirit of excitement and joy.

Fabian Van Onzin, a member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization, said, "May Day is a day to celebrate the struggles of the working class worldwide. Here in the U.S., working people are involved in a fight against Donald Trump. We should celebrate the massive successful protests organized at airports to oppose the Muslim ban, marches through every major city in the country, and the militant opposition to every one of Trump's attacks. This is the day that we announce to the world that we will continue to make this country ungovernable and that we will fight for a revolution that can make the world a better place.”