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Tucson May Day eyes building mass movement against Trump

By Jim Byrne |
May 2, 2017
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Tucson, AZ - Close to 300 activists took the streets on May 1, International Workers Day, to demand an end to attacks on immigrants and workers. The Tucson May Day Coalition saw participation from immigrant rights groups such as Derechos Humanos and LUPE as well as labor groups such as UFCW, CWA, teachers unions and a host other progressive organizations.

The march was led by the local Azteca group Calpolli Teoxicalli, which performed the opening ceremony. Speakers touched on the need for more organized resistance against the Trump agenda, including its use of ICE as a weapon against immigrant working families.

Representing LUPE, organizer Edward Cott inspired the crowd with political commentary stating emphatically: “There is a burning need for an independent working class-based political party!”

Many of the day’s participants shared their recognition that the movement against Trump needs to grow bigger in order to confront this administration and its anti-immigrant, anti-labor, Islamophobic, and racist agenda.