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Vicious police attack on Jacksonville anti-war protest

At least 4 arrested, 1 hospitalized
By staff |
April 7, 2017
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Jacksonville, FL - Police launched a vicious attack on a “No war with Syria” rally in Jacksonville’s Hemming Park, this evening, April 7. Eyewitness say at least four have been arrested, and that one protester was beaten so severely that he has been hospitalized.

About six Trump supporters attempted to disrupt the 50-person anti-war rally. A Trump supporter got behind the speakers with a pro Trump flag and hit a protester with it; at that point the cops launched their attack.

On demonstrator, Connell Crooms, was punched in the face and kidneys, while a taser was in his back. He was arrested and is now in the hospital. A member of Veterans for Peace, Will Haeger, was punched in the face by the cops. Rally emcee Dave Schneider was arrested across the street, where he was encouraging protesters to go to the jail to support those who had be detained.

“Police completely ignored the pro-Trump provocateurs, as they moved in to unleash merciless beatings. I have never seen this kind of brutality,” said Richard Blake, one of the protest organizers.