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Milwaukee celebrates International Women's Day, denounces Trump

By staff |
March 12, 2017
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Milwaukee, WI - On March 5, members of Freedom Road Socialist Organization and guests came together at the African American Women's Center in Milwaukee to celebrate International Women's Day.

Women leaders from the city representing Freedom Road Socialist Organization as well as the Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump addressed the event, sharing both their own personal stories including stories of their or their family's immigration into the U.S. from different parts of the world, and discussed the effects of the devastating attacks brought by the Trump administration on immigrants and immigrant women.

Cards were made to honor famous revolutionary women in history including Claudia Jones, Assata Shakur, Clara Zetkin, Emma Tenayuca, and WW2 Soviet snipers such as Roza Shanina. Many of these women and their accomplishments were highlighted in a presentation during the event. The cards were available for any to take and bring home

A special moment in the event was given to Rasmea Odeh, who is facing government repression including jail time and deportation for her activism and leadership working for the people of Palestine. Several of the speakers urged those who can to attend her upcoming trial slated for May 16 in Detroit.

The emcee of the event, Nyree Khamo, concluded the night with this appeal, "Capitalism is destroying people's lives right now, and we must mobilize, organize, and fight back with everything we've got. If you're interested in being part of a revolutionary organization, you should join Freedom Road."