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Top Fight Back! articles of 2017

Fighting back against Trump every step of the way
By staff |
December 30, 2017
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There was a high tide of struggle on many fronts in 2017. The pace and intensity of the struggles this year makes it easy to forget some of the things we have accomplished, which makes it all the more important to look back and review the lessons from this year’s resistance so we can move forward stronger.

Since there were so many Fight Back! articles covering important struggles this year, there’s no way we can include everything that was important. So we’ll do the best we can by highlighting five key articles from each month.

If there were other Fight Back! articles you liked this year that aren’t listed here, let us know which one in the comments!

First, we’d like to recognize the people that Fight Back! honored who passed away in 2017 and say in their honor: ¡presente!

Now, here are 5 important Fight Back! articles for each month of 2017.


  1. Young Black activists tell why they disrupted the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing
  2. 1 million-plus join Women’s March on Washington DC
  3. The election of Donald Trump and women’s liberation
  4. 25 campuses hold walkouts on Inauguration Day 
  5. Trump’s election sets up potential new attacks on unions


  1. Thousands join ‘8 Days of Resistance’ to Trump’s executive orders in Chicago
  2. The Farce of the Deal: Trump, the TPP and trade
  3. Frank Chapman speaks on Black liberation and socialism
  4. Record turnout for San Jose Day of Remembrance
  5. Trump executive orders on policing are new threat to African Americans and Latinos


  1. UNF students sit in demanding justice, sanctuary campus
  2. Progressives clash with Trump supporters at MN state capitol
  3. Hundreds join FRSO International Women’s Day march
  4. Students shut down University of Utah administration
  5. Japanese American and American Muslim solidarity march


  1. Vicious police attack on Jacksonville anti-war protest
  2. Chicago: Beloved teacher fired for defending students
  3. Lessons from the victory in the cases of Robert Almodovar and William Negron
  4. Supporters of Rasmea Odeh in Detroit for plea agreement hearing
  5. May Day 2017! Defend immigrant rights and build workers unity! Defeat Trump!


  1. Boyle Heights May Day protest demands end to deportations and police killings
  2. Jamar Clark remembered on his 26th birthday
  3. The fight for immigrant rights under Trump
  4. Resistance marks Trump’s first 100 days
  5. Oscar López Rivera, freed Puerto Rican political prisoner, welcomed home to Chicago


  1. Charges dropped: The Jacksonville 5 win
  2. The Jacksonville 5 speak out after beating police repression in the Deep South
  3. Anti-Muslim bigots forced to flee at MN State Capitol
  4. Massive protest underway protesting verdict in case of Philando Castile
  5. Charges dropped against Ariel Vences Lopez from arrest on Minneapolis light rail


  1. Unions victorious after year-long battle against Mayo Clinic
  2. YPRC organizes ‘Resist and Flourish’ summer school
  3. Rasmea Odeh and Arab Women's Committee release book ‘Towards the Sun’
  4. Minneapolis anti-police terror movement shuts down Mayor Hodges press conference
  5. Jacksonville activists demand police accountability at city council 


  1. Freedom Road Socialist Organization condemns white supremacist attack in Charlottesville
  2. Farewell rally for Rasmea Odeh, Palestinian icon
  3. Arizona immigrant rights leader slams Trumps pardon of ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio
  4. Fight Back! interview with Jose Maria Sison on the people’s war in the Philippines
  5. Empowering Boyle Heights event marks 47th anniversary of Chicano Moratorium


  1. Jacksonville community rallies for #Justice4Keegan
  2. Defend DACA, Hit the streets for DREAMers!
  3. Thousands march in Milwaukee for DACA, demand ‘Legalization for all’
  4. Black and Brown unite to demand LA district attorney prosecute killer cops
  5. Hugs and tears as Rasmea Odeh deported


  1. Jose Maria Sison: On the significance of the Great October Socialist Revolution 
  2. Northeastern University dining hall workers win incredible victory
  3. The October Revolution and some lessons for the struggle for socialism in the U.S.
  4. Students for a Democratic Society holds 12th annual national convention
  5. Interview with Mercedes Martínez, President of the Puerto Rican Teachers Federation - "Puerto Rico: The crisis for working class and poor people has intensified"


  1. Interview with Frank Chapman: “We have a spark with Charlottesville”
  2. U.S. delegation’s address to World Working Youth Congress in Rome
  3. Saudi Arabia's gangster 'Game of Thrones' reflects crisis for imperialism in Middle East
  4. Students at UNF oppose racists, KKK and Nazis
  5. #MeToo Campaign and Beyond: Combating Sexual Violence


  1. Zimbabwe’s leadership change and the enduring legacy of Robert Mugabe
  2. UPS imposes 70-hour work week
  3. Yemen’s Houthi movement eliminates former president Saleh for ‘treason’ amid Saudi war
  4. People’s Thanksgiving 2017 - FRSO speech by Frank Chapman
  5. Milwaukee Labor Council confronts white supremacist


There were many excellent Fight Back! articles that aren’t listed here - you can see them all at the archive. (Also see the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 retrospectives).