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PCV demands action on the government and proposes united action

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November 3, 2017
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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following Oct. 31 article from Tribuna Popular, the newspaper of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV). The article was translated by Fight Back! staff.

The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) revealed that they are holding, with other allied political organizations and social movements, a national day of people's mobilization against the starvation of the people and in defense of workers’ rights, to demand that the national government and the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) confront the economic crisis.

“In order to confront the aggressive and criminal speculative escalation of the costs of basic goods, the PCV has proposed, to the organizations of the Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Fascist Popular Front and other parties of the patriotic camp, the organization of this day of struggle,” said Oscar Figuera, general secretary of the communist camp.

The mobilization will have as its destination the national office of Fedecámaras [the Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce] in Caracas, the Presidency of the Republic and the ANC.

“The objective is to denounce the criminal policies of Fedecámaras and other affiliated businessmen, those monopoly capitalists and lapdogs of imperialism, and also to demand that the government take energetic action to prevent this process of aggression from continuing its course,” stated Figuera.

Noone can disrespect the people for their criticisms and demands

The PCV stated their position in defense of the people's movement that has criticized the passivity of the government and the ANC in recent weeks, in the face of a concerning rise of prices, and has been threatened that they will be remembered as traitors or fools.

“We do not coincide with those, acting in their authority as Constituents, who go off condemning the demands of the people's movement to the ANC and the national government; there are speakers in the ANC that go to the extreme disrespecting the people, accusing them of being traitor, counter-revolutionaries and fools,” said Figuera.

In equal manner the Party alerted that if the working people do not perceive concrete action from the national government, then the electoral victories achieved by the patriotic forces will begin to dilute.

“The people elected the government and the ANC so that they will take concrete actions, if they do not comply with what they promised then they will be moved aside,” emphasized the PCV.

Acts of the Centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution

The VI Plenum of the PCV, held on Oct. 29, approved the commemoration plan of the Centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution, as a significant date for the international revolutionary movement, which was a milestone in the history of workers’ and people’s struggles against capitalism and reactionary and reformist forces.

“The beginning of the commemoration will be on Nov. 7 with a political cultural event in the Bolívar Plaza in Caracas, and we will continue with various days of workshops and meetings in the Cantaclaro Theater, the national headquarters of the PCV,” said Oscar Figuera.

He added that the activities will conclude on Nov. 18 with an event at the headquarters of the PCV.