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Tucson coalition prepares to fight back against Trump

By staff |
January 9, 2017
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Tucson, AZ – In southern Arizona the city of Tucson is set to join the nationwide people’s mobilization in opposition to the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. Many have responded to the call to reject his agenda of hate, criminalization, deportation and the oppression of the multinational working class in the U.S.

Immigrant rights action group, Lucha Unida por Padres y Estudiantes (L.U.P.E.) will be part of the Occupy Inauguration March on Jan. 20. This broad coalition seeks to build an independent movement that represents the multinational working class. The popular mobilization supports the demands of the immigrant rights movement, Black Lives Matter, the rights of indigenous nations, healthcare as a human right, ending the war, and raising the minimum wage.

L.U.P.E will lead the march from the downtown Mercado San Agustin and to the mayor’s office to deliver a demand letter, telling the city of Tucson to declare itself a sanctuary city and take concrete measures to ensure the security of the undocumented immigrant community. The demands include a much-needed municipal identification card, which will greatly benefit the most vulnerable communities and blow against the racist SB1070 law.

This march is part of the Legalization for All Network national call for of action.

While the march is scheduled to begin at noon, after arriving at the mayor’s office, the speakers will talk about the sanctuary movement which has been led locally by the faith organizations since the 1980s. Also, Dreamers, L.U.P.E members and other community organizers will address the crowd before delivering the demand letter.

The march will travel through the main downtown streets. It will include the Tucson Water Protectors, who have been bravely organizing direct actions to bring attention to oppression of indigenous people who are opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline.