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1000 march in Milwaukee on Trump’s inauguration day

By Sean Orr |
January 21, 2017
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Milwaukee marches against Trump. (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Nearly 1000 people participated in a rally and march led by the Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump (MCAT), a grassroots effort by more than a dozen organizations to resist the Trump agenda. After a number of speakers addressed the demands of the coalition, which included Legalization for all; Indigenous sovereignty now, and Free Palestine. After the speeches, the march took off on a two-mile trek through downtown Milwaukee.

MCAT used the event to draw attention to the city’s own contribution to the Trump agenda. Milwaukee is home to one of Trump's most vocal supporters, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. While Clarke has been busy campaigning for Trump and appearing on Fox News in recent months, four people have died in his county jail, including a newborn baby who was born in the jail and neglected by Clarke's staff. Clarke's jail has been under scrutiny and an audit for the deaths that have occurred, and Clarke himself has been the center of many controversies.

Days before the protest, Clarke had a formal complaint filed against him by a Milwaukee man who was harassed by Clarke on an airplane. The man shook his head at Clarke on the plane, and Clarke retaliated by having his deputies follow and question him when he got off the plane. Clarke then released a statement on Facebook saying he would "knock out" anyone who shook their head at him.

The day before the rally, the coalition held a press conference to show the banners for the march, one of them reading "Indict and convict Sheriff Clarke." The coalition also announced that the thousands of protesters would collectively shake their heads at Clarke as they marched past his Jail.

Clarke again responded on the official Sheriffs Department Facebook page, making a threatening post that implied that anyone he chose to harass would end up dead. Despite Clarke's threats, hundreds of people shook their heads at Clarke while chanting "Indict, convict, remove Sheriff Clarke," and marching past his office and jail. The march ended in high spirits at Red Arrow Park.

Milwaukee stands ready to do whatever it takes to beat back the Trump agenda. Juan Perez, an undocumented immigrant and member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization, called for militant action if Trump follows through on his campaign promises. “If and when the immigration raids come, I’m telling you, we will paralyze this country’s economy. They seem to have forgotten that we make this place run. But they’ll remember when every restaurant, factory, mall, office building and farm is shut down.”