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Venezuelan independence celebrated in Chicago

By staff |
July 7, 2016
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Joe Iosbaker, Jesus Rodriguez-Espinosa and Kim Scipes
Joe Iosbaker of Freedom Road Socialist Organization (left); Venezuelan Consul General, Jesus Rodriguez-Espinosa (middle); with Kim Scipes, noted author on international labor struggles. (Photo by Ekim Kılıç)

Chicago, IL - The Venezuelan Consulate in Chicago celebrated 205 years of independence from the Spanish empire on July 6. In his remarks, Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza, the Consul General, noted that in the year 1811, Simon Bolivar led an army that defeated Spain, not only in their country, but in several other countries in South America as well. “That is the only time our troops have been outside our border,” he commented. This was apparently to counter U.S. government claims that the Venezuelan government is a threat. The U.S. spends millions of dollars annually to support right-wing, often violent groups in Venezuela working to overthrow the democratically elected government.