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Palestinian Marxists condemn Saudi-Israeli rapprochement

By Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine |
July 26, 2016
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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following July 26 statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

PFLP: Continued normalization meetings between the Saudi regime and Zionist entity threaten the region

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine strongly condemned the continued normalization meetings between the Saudi regime and the Zionist entity, the latest of which was a Saudi delegation to the Zionist state in the presence of retired General Anwar Eshki and Saudi businessmen.

The Front noted that these meetings would not take place without a green light from the official Saudi authorities, noting the danger and harm to the national cause and the interests of the Arab people at the hands of Saudi officialdom, which is working to redirect and alter the character and compass of the struggle in the region.

The Front added that the recurring nature of these meetings indicates a high level of coordination between the Saudi regime, the Zionist entity, and the United States administration in the destruction of the region, keeping it burning and torn apart by sectarian and confessional conflicts, terror, and the takfiri groups funded and fueled by Saudi Arabia and the West.

The Front also emphasized that the continuation of these meetings provides cover and assistance to the occupation in its oppression of the Palestinian people and gives a veneer of legitimacy to its massive and ongoing crimes. They also continue to the normalization with the Zionist entity as a “fact on the ground” in the region, working to promote the role of the occupation state in the region and increase its influence.

The Front denounced the participation of a Palestinian official in these normalization meetings, emphasizing that there are some in the monopolistic Palestinian leadership who do not want to leave the framework of negotiations, normalization and meetings with the Zionist entity. This must be confronted with a popular response and clear Palestinian stand to confront this corrosion that eats away at our national liberation struggle.