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China condemns President Obama’s meeting with Dalai Lama

By staff |
June 17, 2016
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Washington DC – China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang condemned President Obama’s June 15 White House meeting with the Dalai Lama, stating “Tibetan affairs fall entirely within China's domestic affairs which brook no foreign interference. The 14th Dalai Lama is not a pure religious figure, but a political exile that has long been engaged in anti-China separatist campaigns under the cloak of religion. The so-called ‘middle path’ he peddles boils down to ‘independence of Tibet.’ The meeting between the U.S. leader and the Dalai Lama in whatever form goes against the U.S. commitment of recognizing Tibet as part of China, and not supporting ‘Tibetan independence’ nor activities that attempt to split up China.”

Lu Kang also noted, “Since Tibet was peacefully liberated over six decades ago, it has registered unprecedented achievement in all its endeavors and witnessed great leap-forward in social and economic development. Anyone without political bias nor malicious intentions will acknowledge this fact.”

The Dalai Lama fled Tibet in 1959, where he had ruled over an oppressive social system that kept most Tibetans in serfdom and poverty. He has a long association with the CIA and has been at the center of efforts to carve up China for the benefit of Western elites.