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Chicago students who shut down Trump to march on Cleveland RNC

By staff |
May 27, 2016
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Chicago, IL - Student and Graduate Activists (SAGA) at University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC), a group that formed after Trump decided to chicken out of his speaking event at the UIC Pavilion due to widespread protest, is endorsing the Coalition to Stop Trump and March on the RNC.

Members not only plan to attend the event but also are reaching out to other student groups on campus for endorsements and participation. SAGA feels, now that it appears Trump will be the official candidate for the Republican Party, that it more important than ever to continue opposing him.

Cassie Robledo, member of SAGA and one the lead organizers of the Dump Trump action at UIC, feels “Much like the protest at UIC, marching on the RNC is an important chance for people from marginalized groups to make their voices heard,” and decried Trump’s, “hate and fear-mongering as well as his promotion of racism, sexism, xenophobia, bigotry and austerity.”

Juan Rojas, another lead organizer of the Dump Trump action at UIC and SAGA member, remained firm when police tried to divert the march against Trump at UIC into the parking lot. At the time, he asserted “we have the right to confront hate.” Members of SAGA feel the same way about the march on the RNC. While supporting the fight for permits as a way to ensure the broadest participation possible, they feel they have the fundamental right to protest. They are excited about this opportunity to meet and work with other groups and individuals that feel the same.

Kait McIntyre, another member of SAGA, says, “shutting down Trump at UIC was historic and a beautiful illustration of what people are able to accomplish when they unite anda work together. The action inspired similar demonstrations around the country, capturing interest and giving hope to all those fighting for justice across the world. I believe the march on the RNC will show us the same thing.”