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International Women's Day march in Houston

By Fabian Van Onzin |
March 13, 2016
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Houston, TX - Over 30 activists marched in Houston, March 13, to celebrate International Women's Day. The Autonomous Brown Berets was one of the organizations participating in the event. The main focus of the march was on Berta Caceres, a Honduran indigenous human rights activist who was recently murdered for her activism. The celebration was held in the East End, a Chicano/Mexicano neighborhood, and began with a traditional indigenous blessing ceremony.

The activists had signs that read, "Women hold up half the sky" and "A woman's place is in the struggle."

Accompanying the march was a large Brazilian samba band that played Afro-Brazilian revolutionary drum music. As they marched, participants chanted "Five, six seven eight - stop the violence, stop the rape," and "The women, united, we'll never be defeated."

They ended in Eastwood Park with a few speeches, in which women who have fought in the struggle for women's liberation were honored, from Sandra Bland to Berta Caceres.