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Hundreds march in Edwin Rodriguez’ funeral, chanting ‘the sheriffs are assassins’

By staff |
March 1, 2016
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Edwin Rodriguez’ funeral procession.
Edwin Rodriguez’ funeral procession. (Fight Back! News / Staff)

Los Angeles, CA - Several hundred marched through the streets of East Los Angles, Feb. 29, carrying the body of Edwin Rodríguez, who was severely beaten and shot by the LA sheriffs. The family and community demanded justice for Rodriguez, prosecution of sheriffs who murdered him and an end to police killings. They chanted, “The sheriffs are assassins.”

The family, with the help of Centro CSO, called for the community to unite and march in the funeral procession on route to Calvary Cemetery in the heart of East Los Angeles for the burial.

Edwin Rodriguez was brutally beaten then shot with high caliber automatic weapons on Feb 14.

The family and supporters will be planning future actions to demand the prosecution of the sheriffs who killed Edwin.

A recent LA Times article points out over 2000 police killings in have occurred in California, with most of the victims being Black and Latino men.

Veteran Chicano leader Carlos Montes stated, “This is extrajudicial killing and must be exposed and denounced. This murder is a human rights violation of the kind that has gone on for years - that impact mainly Chicano men. It is a human rights violation, similar to killings in Third World countries. The U.S. has its own human rights violations that it must be acknowledged. The sheriffs responsible for the killing of Edwin Rodriguez need to be prosecuted and jailed.”