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PFLP salutes hunger strikers Ahmad Abu Fara and Anas Shadid

Fight back News Service is circulating the following Dec. 22 statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)
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December 29, 2016
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The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine saluted the imprisoned strugglers Ahmad Abu Fara and Anas Shadid on their steadfastness in the confrontation with the executioner in the battle of empty stomachs. It saluted their victory, saying that their struggle is marked on the proud record of the prisoners’ movement’s many battles of steadfastness and confrontation with the Zionist prison administration and intelligence agencies seeking to break the will of the Palestinian prisoners.

The PFLP noted that the strength of the prisoners confirms every time that they withstand all pressure to defend freedom and resist the enemy. This great struggle is part of the resistance to the Zionist occupier, defying the mightiest military machine. The brave battle of wills of the prisoners is a vivid example of the Palestinian people’s love of freedom.

The Front noted that the victories of the prisoners, including those of Bilal Kayed, Khader Adnan, Mohammed al-Qeeq, Samer Issawi, Ayman Sharawneh, Mohammed and Mahmoud al-Balboul, are a source of pride for the entire Palestinian people and an inspiration for all progressive movements everywhere. They represent the victory of Palestinian will over state terror.

The Front urged the need to support the steadfastness of the prisoners by intensifying actions and events in support of their struggles to bring down the policies of the occupation, including administrative detention, isolation and medical neglect.