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Arlington, TX students protest Trump

By staff |
November 25, 2016
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Texas students march against Trump. (Fight Back! News/Staff)

The Progressive Student Union organized an anti-trump protest at the University of Texas at Arlington, Nov. 13. About 30 people marched throughout campus shouting chants such as, "Trump, you bum, we don't want your nazi scum," and "Hands too small, can't build that wall." The Progressive Student Union was one of the many student groups who responded to the National Student for a Democratic Society (SDS) call for action following the election of Donald Trump.

Tre Jonas, a member of the Progressive Student Union, said after the march that it was important to protest Trump and the system that is placing him in power. Mark Napieralski, president of Progressive Student Union, reaffirmed that protests like these will be the foundation to create a mass movement to defend the communities that Trump and his administration will be threatening in the four years to come.