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SDS holds ‘Stop Trump’ action at Angelina College

By Ian Cox |
November 18, 2016
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SDS protest against Trump
SDS protest against Trump (Fight Back! News/staff)

Lufkin, TX - Students for a Democratic Society at Angelina College held an anti-Trump rally on Nov. 15. Chants of “Racist, sexist, anti-gay, President Trump cannot stay!” rang out, catching the attention of other students and school administrators.

“Trump represents nothing but hate, bigotry, fear. With that in mind, we are here today to stand against the rapist Donald Trump and all the anti-people policies he brings with him,” said Katlynn Oleinik, a member of Students for a Democratic Society, who opened the event.

Angelica Hernandez, also of SDS, said “Donald Trump ran his campaign by spreading hatred and fear of the Chicano people, by scapegoating all Muslims as terrorists and by supporting imperialist interests in the Middle East and around the globe.”

After the rally the students marched through campus chanting, “No Trump, no KKK, no racist USA!” and “Hey Trump! You liar! We’re here to say you’re fired!”

The march caused a ruckus on campus as students and professors came out of classes to see what was going on. The march ended with a student speakout.