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Harvard students demand "Justice for Rasmea!

By staff |
November 13, 2016
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Harvard students at event in support of Palestinian leader Rasmea Odeh. (FightBack!News/Staff)

Cambridge, MA - Harvard students held an event in honor of Palestinian freedom fighter Rasmea Odeh, Nov. 11. The event, titled "Justice for Rasmea Odeh!" was well attended and featured comments by Suzanne Adely of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG).

The organizers framed the discussion in the context of a history of national oppression of Palestinians and government repression of anti-war organizers. "In many ways, Rasmea's story is the story of the Palestinian people," said event host Collin Poirot of Harvard NLG and Justice for Palestine.

Adely's presentation situated Rasmea's case in a long history of U.S. government surveillance and repression. Adely brought up the cases of Amer Jubran and Muhammad Salah, who were also targeted by the U.S. government for their leadership in the Palestinian liberation struggle and their opposition to imperialism.

The discussion also highlighted the importance of social movements and activism in support of Rasmea Odeh. "The importance of organizing and building activist support cannot be overstated," Adely stated.

Organizers have already won significant victories in the campaign for Odeh. Not only have her supporters made Odeh a nationally known figure in the anti-war movement, but they were also able to build pressure and get Odeh out of solitary confinement during the appeal of her case. Significantly, organizers forced Odeh’s first judge to step down from the case.

Odeh's supporters have put out a national call to action for her next court date, Nov. 29, when the judge will decide whether to allow expert therapist Mary Fabri to testify about the effect of Odeh’s torture at the hands of the Israelis. All supporters who are able to attend the hearing are strongly encouraged to do so.

For supporters who cannot make it to the hearing, the Rasmea Defense Committee is asking students and community organizers to hold events and protests raising awareness about Odeh’s case. Please send details about any events you have planned to [email protected] so that the organizers in Detroit can use it in their advocacy. You can find out more about Odeh’s case and other ways to get involved at