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3000 march in Salt Lake City to protest Trump

By Ian Decker |
November 12, 2016
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Salt Lake City protests against Trump.
Salt Lake City protests against Trump. (Fight Back! News / Staff)

Salt Lake City, UT - Roughly 3000 people demonstrated against Trump's agenda, Nov. 10. The event was organized by a coalition of student, worker and community organizations. Protesters gathered at the Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building. The crowd chanted, “Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Donald Trump go away!” and “Liberation not deportation!” Several speakers representing various activist organizations in the valley spoke urging opposition to Trump's agenda.

Theresa Nielson of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization started off the event by reminding the crowd of the failure of the Democratic Party and the need for popular movements. “The Democrats are not going to save us. It will always be the people's movements that forge the way to progress.”

Sean Taylor of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) said “We believe democracy is the people fighting for the people. Democracy is building a movement independent of electoral politics, it is standing up, organizing and fighting back!”

Organizer Gabriella Killpack, a Teamsters and organizer of Utah Supports Rasmea Odeh spoke of her hope for a better world built through working class solidarity and struggle. “I'm here today because we deserve more than what this society offers us. What Trump promises, and what Clinton promised. What I've learned from organizing in my union is that together, we don't beg for more, but we stand united and demand it. When people organize together like we're doing right here, we can create a world that is just for all."

After the speeches, the gathering took to the streets, filling both lanes of traffic of State Street, the busiest street in Salt Lake City. The energy of the crowd was high as they marched through the core of downtown Salt Lake, and voiced their outrage at Trump's election. As the march approached the end of the route, people chanted "Take it to the capitol!" They continued up the hill toward the state capitol, while hundreds more began to show up, having seen the demonstration on the news. In spite of rumors that riot police might be awaiting them at the capitol, the demonstrators were not deterred and made the decision to continue the march to the capitol building. Upon arriving, it was discovered that there were no riot cops, and demonstrators filled the capitol steps to capacity.

At the capitol many people briefly came to the mic to say how they are planning to organize. Gabriella Killpack closed the rally with a call to continue to resist Trump. “I believe there's a beautiful new world to be had and we will be the ones to bring it into existence and I believe all of you here will continue this fight to make it happen. I know I will see you at the next Utah Against Police Brutality meeting, the next anti-war demonstration and fighting for justice for Rasmea Odeh.”