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LA demands DA Jackie Lacey jail killer cops!

By staff |
November 10, 2016
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LA protest against police terror. (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Dozens of angry protesters chanting, and waving signs gathered outside of District Attorney of Los Angeles, Jackie Lacey’s office, Nov. 10.

Organized by Centro CSO, protesters demanded Lacey use her power as DA to prosecute and jail killer cops. The protest comes in the wake of five Chicanos, including two teens, being gunned and killed by the LAPD.

Blanca Dueñas, mother of Arturo Y Torrez started the protest by speaking into the bullhorn, “I lost my son to LAPD this year, then my husband just a few weeks ago. LAPD thinks it’s destroyed my family, but I am stronger than ever and will continue battling in the streets for justice. Throw these killer cops in jail!” Torrez was shot and killed by LAPD earlier this year.

Alex Grishnakh, another Chicano member of Centro CSO said, “We must find strength in each other and believe that together we will prevail. Jackie Lacey, we will be back. We will raise our symbols of our revolution proud and high and we will come out on the other side together!”

Family members of 14-year-old Jesse Romero killed by LAPD, of Edwin “Oops” Rodriguez killed by East LA Sheriffs, of 16-year-old Jose “Peruzzi” Mendez, and of Carlos Oliva were also present at the protest. Other protesters included members of Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, Coalition for Community Control of the Police, MEXA de ELAC, long-time revolutionary Carlos Montes, and Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

“These are trying times,” said Sol Marquez of FRSO. “Trump just won, but I remind you all this protest was organized before he even won. The U.S. system is one that functions to oppress Chicanos. We’re gathered here with our families and friends to fight for our liberation. Be it a Trump or Obama legacy, we will not be able to secede or achieve full equality until this old way of ruling us is gone. Let us continue on this road of liberation!”

Centro CSO is continuing efforts to jail the killer cops responsible for all of these deaths. They urge everyone to attend their general and public meeting on Nov. 16 at 6:30 p.m. at Benjamin Franklin Library, 2200 E. 1st Street in Boyle Heights.