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Black Lives Matter holds big event in Houston

By Fabian Van Onzin |
September 19, 2015
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Black Lives Matter symposium in Houston, TX
Black Lives Matter symposium in Houston, TX (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Houston, TX - The Houston chapter of Black Lives Matter (BLMHTX) held a large symposium, Sept. 18, at Saint John's United Methodist church. In the beautiful church setting, BLMHTX brought together over 400 people to discuss the importance of the growing movement of African Americans in the U.S. against police brutality and for liberation.

An art exhibit at the event showcased the works of local African American artists who have been inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. It included paintings that addressed issues of Black pride, the struggle against racism and the history of African Americans. After the art presentation, there was a panel, consisting of an activist, two artists, two pastors and a professor, who discussed the philosophy of Black Lives Matter and ways that people can get involved in the movement.

One of the panelists said, "This movement is politicizing hundreds of young African Americans who are sick of racism and police brutality. The revolts in Ferguson are creating the possibility of a new Black liberation movement, which can put an end to white supremacy and emancipate African Americans."

The large turnout for this event and the wide range of people involved demonstrate that there is real potential for Black Lives Matter to grow in Houston and other parts of Texas.