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Protest at Senator Klobuchar’s office on anniversary of Gaza War

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August 23, 2015
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Minneapolis, MN - The Twin Cities based Anti-War Committee is calling for a protest on August 26 to mark the end of the Gaza War of 2014. The protest will begin with a rally outside of Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office at 1200 S. Washington Avenue in Minneapolis.

Last summer 2200 Palestinians were massacred, including 519 children, by Israel during its 51-day war on Gaza. Israel receives more than $3 billion in U.S. aid every year and the protest will focus on Senator Amy Klobuchar’s support of this policy.

Meredith Aby-Keirstead, an organizer for the protest explains, “Senator Klobuchar has repeatedly voted for U.S. military aid to Israel and she needs to be reminded of what are the consequences of those votes. Every vote she makes for more U.S. aid to Israel allows Israel more weapons to use on the Palestinian people."

The protest will honor the lives of those who were brutally killed last summer, through speakers, poetry and a play.

Karmel Sabry, a Palestinian American activist with the Anti-War Committee, says, “It’s important to react when act of injustice occurs but it is equally, if not more important to fight just as hard when the struggle isn’t making headlines. At the end of the day, consistency and perseverance are what win the battle.”

The protest was initiated by the Anti-War Committee and is endorsed by American Muslims for Palestine, Jewish Voices for Peace - Twin Cities, Minnesota Peace Action Coalition, Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAc), Students for a Democratic Society at UMN, Students for Justice in Palestine - U of MN, Welfare Rights Committee, Veterans for Peace, U.S. Palestinian Communities Network - MN Chapter, and Women Against Military Madness (WAMM).