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PFLP announces “Declaration of war” on settlements following burning of Palestinian baby

Statement by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine |
July 31, 2015
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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following July 31 statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine denounced the horrific crime by settlers, burning Palestinian homes in Duma, near Nablus and killing the baby Ali Saad Dawabsheh, 1 1/2 years old, and gravely injuring his mother, father and brother. The Netanyahu government of terrorists and murderers bears the responsibility for this crime of unspeakable cruelty, which requires all of us to escalate the resistance and declare war on the settlers and their colonies.

Such heinous crimes against children are an integral part of the ongoing Zionist terror against our people which has not stopped for over 67 years, and massacres are part of the strategy of the Zionist settlers in their war against the Palestinian people and reflect the nature of the Zionist state in Palestine.

The Front urged the Palestinian masses to express their rage and respond to this crime at all levels, escalating the resistance to confront the occupation and the settlers, through collective confrontation and organization, and the formation of popular committees in villages, refugee camps and cities in the West Bank to deal with the settlers and their crimes, noting that it is clear that the security apparatus of the Palestinian Authority has failed utterly to protect our people from the settlers and their constant violence.

The Front also demanded that Palestinian officials declare a state of emergency and urgent action to respond to this brutal murder and the escalating crimes against our people and reiterated its demand that the Palestinian Authority must end security coordination with the occupation, particularly after the targeting and burning of children, and go to the international community to delegitimize the occupation state and pursue the political, military and settler leaders in international courts for their crimes against our people.

The Front emphasized that the escalation of Zionist crimes against our people requires real Palestinian unity of action at all levels that raises the Palestinian collective interest to the highest priority. The PFLP also called upon all forces of justice in the world, social movements and states to support the Palestinian people, expose the occupier’s crimes against the Palestinian people, and promote and expand the comprehensive boycott and isolation of the occupier at all levels and all forums.