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Greece: The Trade Unions To Organize Militant Response

Statement by staff |
July 1, 2015
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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following July 1 statement from the powerful Greek trade union center, the All Workers Militant Front (PAME).

The Trade Unions To Organize Militant Response

PAME denounces the attempts of the monopolies to terrorize the workers, to use the atmosphere of fear that is caused by the Greek Government after the closing of the Banks, so as to advance their attack on workers’ rights and realize their anti workers’ plans.

Every hour that passes we receive new information about businesses that announce cancelation of wage payments, lock out, or even layoffs.

At the same time one side of the employers calls the workers to vote NO and another part calls to vote YES, depending which alternative is more profitable for them. We reject both blackmails.

We call the workers to respond in organized, militant and massive way to this new attack of the employers. Not to submit, not to accept working for free or lock outs. No layoffs.

We will not pay the consequences of the Crisis and the Competitions of the Capital.

We call the trade Unions to be continuously on the side of the workers and take up militant initiatives for the protection of the workers’ rights. No Worker alone!

With Class, Militant Response the workers must not pay the results of the negotiations that continue among the Greek Government and the European Union-IMF-ECB.

We Reject both the Memorandum of the EU-IMF-ECB and the Memorandum of SYRIZA

We demand

Ensure payment in their entirety, the wages of the workers, the unemployment allowance for the unemployed, the pensions. Right Here and Right Now!

No layoffs or compulsory unpaid leave for workers on the pretext of the closure of banks.

The Executive Secretariat