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Massive demonstrations planned in Greece

Statement by staff |
June 22, 2015
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Fight Back! News Service is circulating the following call of the All Workers Militant Front (PAME), a fighting organization of Greek workers, for mass protests June 23.




People’s mobilization to block the new anti-people’s agreement-butcher,

The new anti-workers’ package they want to burden us with.


Enough blood we have shed! Enough we have paid!

People, take the situation in your own hands!

We have a duty to our lives, to our children to resist!

The solution lies in the struggles, who carry the flags of the workers’ interests, the banners that write our rights and needs and not those of the bosses. The solution lies in the fight within the work places, in the full front counterattack against our exploiters, those who benefit from the new brutal measures.

We have our own red lines

We turn our backs to those who want us to applaud the Greek Government and its partners, applauders in a negotiation that pushes us to poverty for the profits of the few.

We turn our backs to the defenders of the European Union, the capitalists unions and their servants who demonstrate for their right to continue to live from others hard work, to continue to exploit harder the vast majority of the people.

We have no relation with them! We are not one!

We don’t put our slogans and struggles under foreign flags. We do not have the same interests, the same needs, the same problems and difficulties with our exploiters.

With the monopolies or with the needs of the people! There is no other way! Our path is fight, rupture with the EU and the path of the monopolies.

No support to the new memorandum, no matter how is it called!

No acceptance to the brutal and anti-workers’ EU policies

On June 11 more than 700 people’s organisations gave a strong response

In 60 cities all over Greece.

On Tuesday, the voice of the workers, the pensioners, the young, the women

Will be heard once more.

Our struggles are not a game in the monopolies’ competitions, the proposals and policies of the EU, the IMF, the ECB, of Russia, China. The people have no interest to choose the rope, which he will be hanged with. His interest is to question their power.

The EU’s “only way” is proven disastrous, hurtful for the workers’-people’s interests.

Everyone in the Fight!

Worker, unemployed, young

Do not accept:

  • The new and the old legislation that destroy social security
  • The continuous blows to people’s income, the wages and pensions
  • The new extreme taxes

Our lives cannot bear more measures. Our needs cannot wait! Here and now, against the terrorization and the blackmails, we demand:

  • Raises in wages, pensions and benefits
  • Cover of all losses
  • Reinstatement of the Collective Contracts
  • Abolishment of all anti workers legislation
  • Real protection of the unemployed

We organize our response!

We strengthen our forces!

We strengthen our trade unions in every branch! We give a fighting response! We break the fear, the blackmails, the threats of the bosses, the Greek Government, the EU-IMF-ECB.

Only our power can abolish the anti-workers’ legislation, the memorandums and the bosses!