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Minnesota students oppose U.S. sanctions, support Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution

By Maggie Kilgo |
April 25, 2015
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University of Minnesota students support Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution
University of Minnesota students support Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Minneapolis, MN -Students gathered in the middle of the University of Minnesota (UMN) campus in solidarity with Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) waved the Venezuelan flag and distributed fliers condemning U.S. government-backed efforts to overthrow Venezuela’s President Maduro. In its latest move, the White House imposed newly heightened sanctions against officials of the Venezuelan government.

President Obama’s Executive Order targets for punishment Venezuelan leaders who are actively opposing reactionaries who have blood on their hands. Last year, anti-government protests in wealthy areas turned violent. The right-wing forces murdered leftists and pro-government activists in the streets and in their homes, they also attacked government and social service buildings used by working people. Right-wing politicians and corrupt business owners are also being prosecuted for sabotaging the economy through hoarding and price-gouging of food and basic goods that benefit the people.

The Minnesota students mobilized along with other SDS chapters for the Global Day of Action in Solidarity with Venezuela called by President Maduro in response to President Obama's March 9 executive order declaring Venezuela a "threat to national security."

Manu Berduc of UMN SDS explained, “We oppose all forms of U.S. imperialism and attempts to privatize the region. All past U.S. interventions in Latin America have resulted in the deaths of thousands, in the expansion of poverty in the region and the creation of fascist dictatorships. We therefore support Venezuela because though it faces hardship, they have shown a strong spirit of solidarity with other countries, and they continue to defend a revolution that is led by people who work for the many and not the few.”

The student statement read, “SDS stands for the sovereignty and self-determination of Venezuela and Latin America. We proudly support the Bolivarian Revolution's efforts to free Latin America from U.S. hegemony - economic, cultural and political. We will continue to oppose U.S. interventions.”