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Anti-war leader slams U.S./Saudi escalation of war on Yemen

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April 13, 2015
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Chicago, IL – Joe Iosbaker, a prominent anti-war organizer, is denouncing the latest escalation of the U.S./Saudi-led war on Yemen.

“The Saudi monarchy has been bombing Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, for almost three weeks. Over 600 are dead, mostly civilians, including many children.

“What crime did the people of Yemen commit? They rose up against an unpopular government that had stayed in office in violation of term limits. The Ansarullah movement surprised the Saudis, marching on the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, and because of popular support, they were quickly able to defeat the old regime.

“And how has the U.S. responded to this war by a dictatorship against the oppressed people of Yemen? Did they rush to support the popular revolution? According to U.S. propaganda, that’s what our government does.

“No, the U.S. air force is carrying out in-flight refueling of the Saudi bombers. This latest outrage shows that the U.S. only cares about control of oil and maintaining pro-imperialist governments, no matter how undemocratic they are.”