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Wisconsin ‘Right to Work’ bill passes Assembly

By staff |
March 6, 2015
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 Workers protest in Wisconsin State Assembly chambers.
Workers protest in Wisconsin State Assembly chambers. (Fight Back!/Joe Brusky)

Madison, WI - Right to Work passed in the Wisconsin State Assembly along party lines, 62-35, after a 24-hour debate. The bill is on Governor Scott Walker's desk.

The AFL-CIO held another rally, March 5, on the capitol steps as thousands of workers returned to protest.

The State Assembly room turned to chaos as workers shouted down Republicans and were thrown out by police. Another group of people blocked off Governor Walker's office entrance for hours and held a teach-in.

Defeat Right to Work in Wisconsin, a network of workers across Wisconsin that wanted to see an all-out fight, finished off a week of protests by rallying in the capitol.

"Right to Work is Wall Street's attempt to further undermine our collective bargaining, to lower our wages, to weaken our unions and lower the living standards of working people, particularly women and people of color," commented Teamster activist Daniel Ginsberg. "We will not put up with ‘Right to Work.’ This can only go on for so long."