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Wisconsin Republicans attempt to push through ‘Right to Work,’ protests planned

By staff |
February 21, 2015
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Milwaukee, WI - Republican leaders have announced a special session to pass the anti-worker ‘Right to Work legislation this upcoming week. 

Coined ‘Right to Work (for Less)’ by labor organizations, this bill would make Wisconsin the 25th state to allow workers in union workplaces to opt out of paying union dues. 

"Unions are groups of workers uniting together to have voice in the workplace, to win respect and dignity and better wages," commented Daniel Ginsberg, a Teamster activist. "Business owners are pursuing Right to Work to undermine the strength of our unions. Anyone who despises corporate greed needs to get out in the streets this upcoming week."

A rally is planned in downtown Milwaukee Monday, Feb. 23, 5pm at Zeidler Union Square, 348 W Everett St. 

A Madison rally will be held to protest the introduction of Right to Work legislation on Tuesday, Feb. 24 and Wednesday, Feb. 25 at noon at the State Street side of the state Capitol. 

In addition, contact your legislators to voice opposition to Right to Work using the legislative hotline: 1-800-362-9472, Sign the petition to stop Right to Work in Wisconsin, and ‘like’ the Defeat Right to Work in Wisconsin on Facebook:

Republicans are trying to ram through Right to Work as fast as possible to undermine our ability to fight back. It's time to take immediate action.