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Peace vigil in Twin Cities opposes U.S. military intervention in Ukraine

By staff |
February 19, 2015
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Twin Cities protest against U.S. military aid to Ukraine
Twin Cities protest against U.S. military aid to Ukraine (Fight Back! News/Staff)

St. Paul, MN - 15 people braved the cold and wind to say no Cold War with Russia and no U.S. weapons to the Ukraine, Feb 18. The vigil took place on the Lake Street Marshall Avenue Bridge over the Mississippi River between Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

A statement issued by organizers says in part, “We will speak out against U.S. meddling in Ukraine, a new flashpoint with frightening global implications.”

“According to the United Nations, following the U.S.-inspired coup last February, the death toll from fighting in eastern Ukraine is more than 5300. Another 1.5 million people have been displaced.”

“As fighting intensifies, the Obama administration is now considering further escalation with $3.5 billion in heavy arms to the government in Ukraine. The U.S. is sending 600 troops to provide military training this spring.”

The statement concludes,”More U.S. intervention could provoke a war with Russia which would have regional and global implications.”

The weekly peace vigil was sponsored by the End War Committee of Women Against Military Madness and Twin Cities Peace Campaign.

The Feb. 18 vigil was endorsed by Anti-War Committee, Minnesota Peace Action Coalition and others.