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Lebanon busts Israeli spy ring

By staff |
November 8, 2015
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Lebanon’s official National News Agency report is reporting, Nov. 8, that three members of an Israeli spy ring that operated in the country’s south have been placed under arrest.

Lebanon’s intelligence agency General Security issued a statement indicating that work is underway to apprehend additional members of the espionage network.

The National News Agency report says, “Investigations with the three yielded a unanimous confession that they gathered information regarding a number of security and military figures, to be targeted at a later point. They also confessed to photographing roads and sensitive locations within south Lebanon. The footage was then sent to their superiors.”

The south of Lebanon, where the spies operated, is a stronghold of progressive patriotic forces that oppose Zionism and imperialist domination of the region.

Israel has waged several wars on Lebanon and still continues to occupy the Lebanese territory Shebaa Farms.