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U.S. warned after American warship sails into Chinese territory

By staff |
October 27, 2015
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Washington D.C. – Speaking in Beijing, Oct. 27, China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang sharply condemned the U.S. government for sailing a guided missile destroyer, the USS Lassen into China’s territorial waters.

Kang stated, “The USS Lassen illegally entered waters near relevant islands and reefs of China's Nansha Islands without the permission of the Chinese government on Oct. 27. Relevant authorities of the Chinese side monitored, followed and warned the U.S. vessel. Relevant actions by the U.S. naval vessel threatened China's sovereignty and security interests; put the personnel and facilities on the islands and reefs at risk and endangered regional peace and stability. The Chinese side hereby expresses strong opposition.”

Kang also stated, “The Chinese side is steadfast in safeguarding its territorial sovereignty and security as well as lawful and justified maritime rights and interests. The Chinese side will firmly respond to any deliberate provocation by any country. We will keep a close eye on what is happening in the relevant waters and airspace and take all necessary measures as needed.”

In recent years the Obama administration has been attempting to carry out a ‘pivot towards Asia’ that is aimed at maintaining U.S. domination of the Pacific region and countering socialist China.