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Tampa students crash CIA recruitment

By Gage Lacharite |
October 22, 2015
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Members of Tampa SDS.

Tampa, FL - Tampa Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) disrupted a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recruiting event at the University of South Florida on Oct. 21. The CIA spoke to 250 students in the Marshall Student Center, hoping to recruit students for their projects. The CIA spies on, destabilizes and even overthrows governments and movements opposed to Wall Street domination of their economies.

At the end of the introduction of the CIA, the presentation came to an abrupt halt as SDS members began chanting, "Coups and spies, dictators too! CIA, shame on you!" and "CIA, don't you lie! Because of you, children die!”

Security escorted the students out of the event, while other students walked out in solidarity. The SDS students wore shirts representing countries victimized by CIA violence and the corresponding death tolls caused by the U.S. government.

"Tonight Tampa SDS stood in solidarity with every person victimized by the CIA. We recognize the CIA as a force that fights for U.S. political and economic domination abroad, and as such are opposed to any attempt by USF to invite the CIA to speak or recruit on campus,” said Elizabeth A'ya.

A’ya continued, "The CIA's goals are in line with those of the U.S. military's, and their touch has equally, if not more so, devastated Latin America, Africa and Asia. Not only are we opposed to the U.S. military's presence, but any force that supports the same goals. We will continue to fight back as long as these relationships exist."

Tampa SDS is currently involved in a campaign to end USF's memorandums of understanding with U.S. military’s USSOUTHCOM and USCENTCOM under the slogan of “Cut the contracts.”

SDS members affirmed their dedication to prevent USF from supporting U.S. wars and intervention abroad.