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Cops use tear gas, attack Ferguson protest demanding justice for Michael Brown

By Michael Sampson |
August 16, 2014
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Riot police line up against demonstration in Ferguson, MO.
Riot police line up against demonstration in Ferguson, MO. (Fight Back! News/Staff)
Clouds of tear gas in Ferguson, MO.
Clouds of tear gas in Ferguson, MO.

Ferguson, MO – The joyful atmosphere in the streets of Ferguson came to an end in the early morning hours of Aug. 16 when law enforcement launched tear gas and flash-bang grenades at peaceful protesters. At around midnight, law enforcement in riot gear started to threaten protesters with force if they didn't disperse. The crowd didn't back down from police threats and stayed in the streets with their hands up, chanting. The crowd of a few hundred included young and older people with a few children holding signs.

Around 50 riot police started to get back into their armored vehicles to the crowd's excitement. However, law enforcement threw tear gas and flash-bangs into the crowd, sending protesters running. This reporter experienced the tear gas from law enforcement. As people ran away from the tear gas, they yelled, "get the children," making sure everyone was safe.

The previous night was different as the crowd simply chanted and demanded justice with zero police presence. However, tonight law enforcement in riot gear sought to destabilize and repress the protesters. Many who attended the rally said that this seems like a calculated plan by law enforcement to criminalize the protests. In addition, Ferguson police have tried to criminalize Michael Brown, releasing footage of Brown allegedly stealing cigars from a gas station, footage many residents say is based on deceit from the police department.