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Protestors continue in Ferguson, police accused of slandering Michael Brown

By Michael Sampson |
August 15, 2014
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Protesters assemble in Ferguson, MO.
Protesters assemble in Ferguson, MO. (Fight Back! News/Staff)
Writing on the wall in Ferguson, MO.
Writing on the wall in Ferguson, MO.

Ferguson, MO - Earlier this morning, Aug. 15, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson identified police officer Darren Wilson as the cop who murdered 18-year-old Black teenager Michael Brown on Aug. 9.

The Ferguson police also released a statement claiming that Brown was suspected of strong-arm robbing a local convenience store minutes before Wilson killed him. However residents this reporter spoke with here in Ferguson are refuting those claims, calling them slanderous.

One resident this reporter talked to today said that the Ferguson police accounts of the events leading to Brown's killing makes no sense.

"The pictures the police released doesn't even look like him and they are wearing different clothes," said another Ferguson resident.