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MO Governor Nixon declares state of emergency, troops heading to Ferguson

FRSO urges protests in response to grand jury decision on killer cop
By staff |
November 18, 2014
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St. Louis, MO – Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency. According to reports, the National Guard is heading to Ferguson. Citing the “possibility of expanded unrest,” government authorities are moving to contain the expected massive protests that will result if the grand jury fails to indict the white cop who killed Mike Brown, an African American youth.

The August 9 shooting of Mike Brown by Officer Darren Wilson sparked a rebellion in Ferguson, a predominantly Black community, and an extended wave of protests.

Steff Yorek, the Political Secretary of Freedom Road Socialist Organization, is urging activists to organize or participate in protests responding to the grand jury verdict and to demand justice for Mike Brown.

“We need to be ready to take to the streets,” stated Yorek. “There is an epidemic of police violence against African American, Chicano, Latino and other oppressed nationalities in the U.S. Enough is enough.”

The state of emergency in the Ferguson area will be in effect for up to 30 days.