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PFLP leader says stop U.S., European attempts to undermine Palestinian cause and reimpose Oslo

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October 1, 2014
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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following Sept. 21 statement by Jamil Mizher, a member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and leader of its branch in Gaza.

Comrade Jamil Mizher, member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and leader of its branch in Gaza, warned of an international conspiracy to liquidate Palestinian national rights, demanding rejection by Palestinian officials and all Palestinian forces of U.S. and European schemes to define borders through the framework of Oslo rather than through the implementation of international resolutions and law.

“The occupation and the U.S. administration did not succeed in liquidating the resistance or consolidating any achievements in the political sense during the criminal aggression on the Gaza Strip, but there are attempts now by those forces, along with some European states, notably France, to attempt such political achievements after the fact as the Palestinian cause is raised as a central issue after many years of marginalization,” said Mizher. He said that there are schemes in the UN Security Council which seek to undermine Palestinian rights, based on the devastating Oslo accords which have brought nothing but horrors and devastation and settlement to the Palestinian people for over 20 years. Mizher demanded that Mahmoud Abbas and Palestinian officials refuse under any conditions to return to the futile negotiations and reject the call of the U.S. to return to negotiations and the initiative of French President Hollande at the Security Council.

Mizher emphasized that the Palestinian cause must not be chained in a vicious cycle of futile negotiations and attempts of its liquidation by the U.S. and European imperialist powers, demanding that the Palestinian officials instead immediately accede to the Rome Statute and join the International Criminal Court to prosecute the occupation state’s officials for their crimes against the Palestinian people, especially their unprecedented crimes against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip in the recent Zionist aggression.

The occupation must be pursued in all international forums and subject to complete political and economic boycott and isolation, said Mizher, while unifying the Palestinian ranks to confront the occupier. In addition, he demanded that Palestinian officialdom reject reliance on Arab regimes subservient to the U.S., which serve the interests of the U.S. empire and the fascist occupation state. The only reliance can be on Palestinian unity, on Palestinian constants and national rights, based on the resistance, which protected the rights of our people during the Zionist aggression.

Mizher emphasized that any Palestinian attempts to identify with the U.S., European or Arab official positions to return to the arena of negotiations and settlement is dangerous to the Palestinian people and cause.