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Protest at Milwaukee County District Attorney's office demands Justice for Corey Stingley

By staff |
January 19, 2014
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Demanding justice for Corey Stingley
Demanding justice for Corey Stingley (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Milwaukee, WI - 150 people gathered on the steps of Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm's office, Jan. 17, to demand justice for Corey Stingley. Stingley, a 16-year-old Black male, was strangled to death by three white customers after a store clerk accused him of theft.

Last week DA Chisholm made the decision to not press charges against the three racist killers. Led by Corey's father Craig Stingley, a picket line circled the entrance to Chisholm's office for over two hours the night of Jan. 17 chanting, "Hey hey, ho ho, John Chisholm's got to go!" and "No justice, no peace!"

Chisholm justified his decision not to charge the white vigilantes by claiming that none of the three men were aware that their actions created a substantial and unreasonable risk of great bodily harm. This week the Milwaukee County medical examiner ruled the manner of death "homicide." While the medical examiner's evidence does not prove criminal intent, security camera footage from inside the corner store tells a different story. In the video, Stingley is seen returning liquor to the store clerk that he was alleged to be considering stealing, then attempting to walk out without the merchandise. The store clerk said he told Stingley he would not call police if he returned the merchandise, but when Stingley moved toward the door to leave empty-handed, the three adult men attacked Corey, wrestled him to the ground and strangled him. Stingley suffered severe brain damage after being suffocated and died 14 days later.

Rally speakers pointed out holes in Chisholm's justification by relating it to the case of Derek Williams, who was killed by three white Milwaukee police officers in 2011. Like Stingley, Williams was a young Black male accused of theft and attacked by three larger white adult men who allowed him to suffocate. Two separate juries recommended charges against the police officers, but D.A. Chisholm publicly opposed charging the officers. "In that case Chisholm said the police did nothing wrong, but they were trained officers who knew exactly what they were doing," said rally emcee Brian Verdin. "If Chisholm's justification for letting Stingley's killers off the hook was that they were unaware of their actions, then why were trained police officers let off for the same crime, when they knew exactly what they were doing?"

Craig Stingley commented at a press conference, "We have not been represented. My son should have rights like anyone. But [D.A. Chisholm] will not press charges against the murderers. The evidence shows this was a murder!"