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Britain and U.S. finalize plans for attack on Syria, says Guardian

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August 28, 2013
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Minneapolis, MN – The British newspaper The Guardian reported, Aug. 27, that U.S. and British war planners are finalizing their plans for an attack on Syria.

“Britain could offer warships and submarines equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles, which could be launched miles from the Syrian coast. The Trafalgar-class submarine HMS Tireless is reported to be already in the regions,” stated The Guardian.

There are additional press reports that warplanes are assembling about 100 miles from Syria at the British airbase at Akrotiri in Cyprus.

Across the U.S., anti-war activists are speaking out and organizing protests against a military attack on Syria.

Joe Iosbaker of Chicago’s Anti-War Committee states, “U.S warships are threatening to attack Syria with cruise missiles, with the pretext of a chemical weapon attack by the government against a rebel-held area. John Kerry and the U.S. administration are completely without credibility in this. This is a replay of the WMD lies told about Iraq.”